A Loyalty Story

The Loyalty Process: Interest, Commitment, Trust, and Gratitude.

customers loyalty retail valueIn the Mahabharata, the righteous King Yudhisthira appears at the gates of Heaven at the end of his life with a stray dog he had picked up along the way as a companion, having previously lost his brothers and his wife to death. The god Indra is prepared to admit him to Heaven, but refuses to admit the dog, so Yudhistira refuses to abandon the dog, and prepares to turn away from the gates of Heaven.
Then the dog is revealed to be the manifestation of Dharma, the god of righteousness and justice, and who turned out to be his deified self. Yudhistira enters heaven in the company of his dog, the god of righteousness. Yudhistira is known by the epithet Dharmaputra, the lord of righteous duty.

Customer Loyalty begins with Customer Interest

Customer loyalty is a winding road that pays off at the end, much like Yudhistira and the dog, they both benefit from their company and loyalty until the end. It starts and is maintained by self-interest. Customer’s loyalty grows as a function of what individuals stand to gain. Only after many positive interactions, where the customer benefits, do feelings of commitment, trust, adhesion and gratitude to the brand and retail establishment set in. How do you create customer loyalty? Are you making the most of your loyalty potential?

Consider what loyalty programs and dieting have in common. Both loyalty and diets are about creating new habits, eating or shopping habits. Habits are very difficult to change because they require many willful acts by a customer, and the reason why many dieters go back to previous weights. How good are you at changing customer’s habits? In retail, loyalty is achieved after many positive interactions. Consecutive positive experiences create a trust. A customer must mentally associate the shopping experience with going to the retailer’s stores. A shopping experience can mean many things: employee helpfulness and friendliness; correct assortment and prices; fun learning time; all are examples that shape the customer’s experience. Start creating engagement by initially bringing customers in the stores with offers and promotions that are valued. Once in the store, follow up with differential valued services and products, show customers you care, and prove you know how to help them.

Loyalty is based on continuous valued interactions that make life easier and more enjoyable for the customer.

customer vaule loyalty

Analytika, Loyalty Experts that complement your Retailing Expertise.

Analytika studies your customers by analyzing all available data, with the intention of understanding how to make individual customers loyal. This means getting customers to return, creating habits, and getting customers to associate shopping and purchases with your retail chain. It also means continuously offering products and promotions that appeal to individual customers, so they have a reason to keep coming back. Promotions that are unknown to anyone but you and your customers. When your top 2% of loyal customers can mean 20 to 30% of sales, you need to thrust forward to retain and gain more loyal customers, that’s when we come in. Assuring loyalty success through technology and services that are non invasive to your business and allow you to do what you do best, retailing.

We make life easier and more successful for our customers. How? There is no magic or miracles. Just hard work by data analyst and modelers, mathematicians, customer psychologists, loyalty and promotional experts, programmers, designers collaborating to provide software technology and services that let you make the best decisions for your business. We provide the facts you make the decisions. Want to increase sales and profits? We help you by increasing your customer loyalty and customers acquisition rate.